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Today, if you don’t have any application on your mobile like you come from another planet. All the planet has a, especially applications of mail like Whatsapp or Telegram, apart from games with those who pass the reato and which bear relation to the primitive that Nokia Viper It was the first mobile generations. The problem comes at the moment in which we find ourselves with any application that you have to pay, something that does not always and in all circumstances we are ready. Fortunately, You can achieve no-cost payment applications with Gums Up.

Apps free payment

There are applications that give us a payment application no cost per day. It must be every day for see if we want to or not, and we have the pressure of that time is completed to decide if we want it either do not. Also it can download and, if you don’t like, delete it; more that consumes space on your mobile either tablet, and if you’re which always and in all circumstances they are deleting things to free up space resembles a not good option. In addition, you cannot select the pay toll applications but depend on a chance that not always and at all times smiles at you.

Payment free of charge free jailbreak Apps

Another alternative is to make the jailbreak to your iPad or iPhone, that would be rooting an Android. ES an alternative more than achieve no-cost payment applications, that is unquestionable, but it also is a stupidity, more when there are alternative options, while you stay without warranty covering you before any inconvenience. This alternative option to download applications free of charge without jailbreak or root is called Gums Up and you can it find both the app Store and the Google Play Store. Is fully free, and not you will regret it download it.

Payment without cost iPhone Apps

Gums Up is an application that rewards you for using it, with what the first thing that you should do It is open you an account. In just one minute you’ve won you passport to download payment applications free iPhone, but also to considerably more rewards. The only thing you have to do is to achieve each and every one of the gums as you can to exchange them for awards. Among the options that you have to win gums are using applications that presents us with Gums Up, participate in surveys or view videos.

When you have enough gums only should go to gifts and estarnas closer to the application free iPhone. There are up to 3 ways of doing this. The first, choose directly as a reward applications that Gums Up offers us. The second, swap your gums for gift cards for the app Store either the Google Play Store, with which you’ll be able to pay by each and every one of the contents of these platforms; and the third is to select Paypal money. March such as gift cards, and if you about you can spend it as soon as you want.

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