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History of Grand Theft Auto from Rockstar

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Just a few years ago it was released Grand Theft Auto V, the fifth installment in a franchise that has made us hours and hours of authentic vicio. Introducing and standardizing the sandbox genre, GTA has been by same result of rave reviews and heated controversy. With the arrival of the fifth part of the saga, we recover the Rockstar North video game tribute. GTA V promises to be the largest of all the GrandTheft Auto game and that is to say much because the franchise is full of classics.


Rockstar North, based in Scotland, and under the name of DMA Design in its early days, began a series of action, persecutions, and crime in general, which had some success in 1997. But GTA III where actually succeeded and established the basesof all Grand Theft Auto was later. Let’s review the history of the sandbox by excellence.


Grand Theft Auto (PC, PSX, GameBoy Color)
In 1996 DMA Design launched to the market a controversial action game where weset off on the skin of any of the eight eligible characters, and where in addition tomissions for the mafia, we could do almost any task that the game would allow. Thus acts as stealing cars, selling them, or kill people, became the title source of all sorts of disputes.


Game was originally an overhead 2D that perspective even though it was not themost revolutionary graphics of the time, if it was a success by the freedom of action that offered and no-holds-barred action. Due to the success, in 1999 the game had two official expansions, Grand Theft Auto London 1969 and Grand Theft Auto London 1961, the latter only on PC.


Grand Theft Auto II (PSX, PC, Dreamcast, Game Boy Color)
Just two years after the release of GTA, DMA Design came back again with a gamethat, with the premises of the first, introducing new features in the series playable.The main one was the division of the city into three explorable areas where we should get enough money by carrying out missions for the mafia to move to the nextarea and continue with our misdeeds. In addition, already had no choice of severalplayers, presenting a unique protagonist, Claude, also protagonist of GTA III and secondary character of GTA: San Andreas.


Perspective in 2D is not abandoned, but history had more significance here, and as mentioned, typical elements of the series introduced in subsequent deliveries.


Grand Theft Auto III (PlayStation 2, PC, Xbox, Mac, iOS, Android)
As temporary exclusive to the recent PlayStation 2, left in 2001 and still under the name of DMA Design (which later became Rockstar North) the installment of the series that I am more inspired to the essence of what is today Grand Theft Auto. Namely, only protagonist, enormous city to explore, perspective 3D, history structure by missions and freedom of action including for stealing, murder or multiple secondary tasks.


In the game he plays Claude, his climbing in the world of the mafia through a storywhere the city of Liberty City (New York) will show us the worst face of organized crime. While the game still lacked huge liberties and secondary tasks that were typical in the saga from the output of GTA: San Andreas, is in essence a game very similar in aesthetics to GTA IV and was for a long time one of the emblems of PlayStation 2. Its prequel was released for PSP in 2005, graduated GTA: Liberty City Stories.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PlayStation 2, PC, Xbox, Mac, iOS, Android)
In 2002 already launched under the baton of Rockstar North, it took advantage ofthe success of the third part, changing character and city, maintaining each and every one of the elements of the third installment of the series. Set in Miami and withItalian actor in a clear reference to the film of Al Pacino, the price of power, the action moved to a city more sunny and warmer.


There are some that further improvement on its predecessor, such as the ability tobuy houses or side jobs to earn money. It also highlights the excellent soundtrack,which pays homage to the Decade of the eighties as a few titles. The game received a sort of continuation to mode of prequel and the same style for PSP, entitled GTA: Vice City Stories, and launched in 2006 (later versioned for PS2).


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PlayStation 2, PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, Mac and PlayStation 3). Here you can check tricks and hacks for Grand theft auto San Andreas. This saga of the game starts the version online in the saga of rockstar, his histroy is about C.J one guy from Los Santos, and how it goes his life in the game.
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No-cost payment applications

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Today, if you don’t have any application on your mobile like you come from another planet. All the planet has a, especially applications of mail like Whatsapp or Telegram, apart from games with those who pass the reato and which bear relation to the primitive that Nokia Viper It was the first mobile generations. The problem comes at the moment in which we find ourselves with any application that you have to pay, something that does not always and in all circumstances we are ready. Fortunately, You can achieve no-cost payment applications with Gums Up.

Apps free payment

There are applications that give us a payment application no cost per day. It must be every day for see if we want to or not, and we have the pressure of that time is completed to decide if we want it either do not. Also it can download and, if you don’t like, delete it; more that consumes space on your mobile either tablet, and if you’re which always and in all circumstances they are deleting things to free up space resembles a not good option. In addition, you cannot select the pay toll applications but depend on a chance that not always and at all times smiles at you.

Payment free of charge free jailbreak Apps

Another alternative is to make the jailbreak to your iPad or iPhone, that would be rooting an Android. ES an alternative more than achieve no-cost payment applications, that is unquestionable, but it also is a stupidity, more when there are alternative options, while you stay without warranty covering you before any inconvenience. This alternative option to download applications free of charge without jailbreak or root is called Gums Up and you can it find both the app Store and the Google Play Store. Is fully free, and not you will regret it download it.

Payment without cost iPhone Apps

Gums Up is an application that rewards you for using it, with what the first thing that you should do It is open you an account. In just one minute you’ve won you passport to download payment applications free iPhone, but also to considerably more rewards. The only thing you have to do is to achieve each and every one of the gums as you can to exchange them for awards. Among the options that you have to win gums are using applications that presents us with Gums Up, participate in surveys or view videos.

When you have enough gums only should go to gifts and estarnas closer to the application free iPhone. There are up to 3 ways of doing this. The first, choose directly as a reward applications that Gums Up offers us. The second, swap your gums for gift cards for the app Store either the Google Play Store, with which you’ll be able to pay by each and every one of the contents of these platforms; and the third is to select Paypal money. March such as gift cards, and if you about you can spend it as soon as you want.

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Awards best app

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AIn recent times have appeared many applications of awards, that let us win all kinds of awards, from t-shirts of your favourite books, film, music and, why team no cash. As out, the market is quite extensive and not always and at all times know where choose. The best advice that you can continue is already before reviewing the experiences of other users, search reviews on implementation, comments in discussion forums, etc. and the second best advice we have for you is to download Gums Up.

What is the best application of awards?

Gums Up is an application of awards that can seem normal, Yes, most not is an application of awards either. It is the best application of prizes that you can download from the app Store or Google Play Store – is free for the two platforms – and you can download it fully without cost. But perhaps that is not better. Gums Up has an extensive catalog of prizes then we will look at, and the fact that mark the difference compared to other awards applications is that you will only receive your prize request it, without waiting for as it happens in other applications.

Win prizes with Gums Up

The first thing that you must do for begin to win awards is lower you the application and register you, always and in all circumstance of form completely free. He purpose of Gums Up is simple: manages all and each one of them gums that can to then exchange them for gifts. Starting points is enough to click on WINS gums, and you are going to open a menu with all and each one of the possibilities we have. Once you have earned enough just gums must go to the section on gifts for moving the gums for prizes that Gums Up offers us.

Free gift

And how do I earn gums? Very simple, using applications that presents us with Gums Up. Or by see videos. Either by participating in surveys. In addition to this, each friend that invite Gums Up supposed 500 gift to get close to your award. Each action you will report a number of gums, although according to the action prize is going to be more or less well. Beside the proposals of Gums Up appears a short description with what you should do and the amount of gums that you’ll get, so pay attention to the explanation to take them.

Gums Up: the catalog of awards

Now that you know as March Gums Up we’ll see what you can carry. Already earlier out that the catalogue of awards is vast, and not engañábamos. You’ll be able to locate for virtually all gift cards as you want: app Store, Google Play Store, iTunes, Amazon, Filmotech, Steam, Play Station Network, Xbox Live… You can also take gems for your village from the Clash of Clans, music, movies and books; and if none of this persuades you can exchange your gums with money from Paypal. You see as Gums Up is the best app Awards?

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5 tips for Monster Legends

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Monster Legends, the last title from the creators of DragonCity, heads the ranking this week with the latest news in our list of most downloaded games from the App Store, where we also find the latest release of chilling (Figthback), along with new games racing (Big Win Racing) and shooters (Respawnables and Cops N Robbers).
The new game from the Studio behind DragonCity, brings us a new title between games of combat, strategy and simulation Farmvillestyle: we have to discover new species of monsters and cross them, to form powerful Warriors that then we will face other players in 3 battles against 3 to try to snatch their resources. Check Gums up for the latest news of Monster Legends.
New title of chilling, in the style of the action games of the classic arcade, whose aesthetic imitated, although keeping the graphic level of nextgeneration games. Hours of entertainment smashing right and left, with more than 100 levels in the way history more an “endless” mode. A new driving simulator, inspired the careers of Nascar, where the graphic quality passes into the background to the gameplay, with up to five different game modes: Championship (composed of four cups), friends (challenges through facebook), meetings (races with time limits), trophy (by choosing us circuit and the number of races) and quick (to train) race. It is not a recent debut, since Zynga released Respawnables for quite some time. However, while Android Yes had appeared at the time among the most downloaded news, only now it has erupted between the App Store. It is a third person shooter, with a long single player campaign and multiplayer, and an appealing touch of humor.
A first person shooter with aesthetics to the Minecraft style which has already reaped a good number of downloads as payment and can now, for a limited time, get free. It not only has a multiplayer mode to deal with users all over the world, but also a way to ‘local’ mulijugador through Wi-Fi that allows up to 16 users compete.
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Hearthstone: the final trick

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The Hearthstone, more and more people play one of the games for mobiles and most outstanding tablets of the moment. Hearthstone is the nature of the World of Warcraft heir, although the differences between both games are meaningful. The Hearthstone is a card game, where you face against another player and the goal, as it is not, defeat him. Only you will have the help of your cards. The second player starts with one letter more to compensate for the advantage of the player who opens the game, but only your skill and ability to make the best decision will make you win or lose in Gums Up.

Hearthstone cheats

There are several ways to get letters of Hearthstone. One of the strengths of the game, and perhaps that is the reason why it is so popular, is that getting new cards is considerably easier than in other games. Thus, not you will cost nothing get good cards to improve your shuffle, and all them letters that there is in the game is can get free. This is an advantage to freemium players, but the premium service is there and if you see that you are stuck check out the store’s Hearthstone and buy best cards can be of great help to overcome that blip.

Best deck Hearthstone

As in many games for mobile and tablet freemium (free to play but with payment services, such as the letters in this case) Hearthstone incorporates micropayments in the application. When you download the game accept them, though as usual with the terms and conditions is something that everyone accepts without reading thoroughly what we accept. This does not mean that you have to pay or the game we go to collect, but it informs us of the options that we have to buy premium services.

Free cards at Hearthstone

These forms of payment include the account of Google Play or from the App Store that you downloaded you play, or PayPal money. If you don’t want to pay for the cards, but you don’t want to wait until the game you all letters can always use Gums Up, an app that you get gift cards for these two platforms of shock or money from PayPal. You can download Gums Up for free from the App Store or the Play Store, and before you start using it you must register, something that will take you only a minute.

The goal is to get as many gums as you can to then redeem for these cards gift or money from PayPal, so you see WINS gums and you will see all the options that exist: use and test the applications proposed by Gums Up, watch videos, participate in surveys, etc. When you have enough gums ask for your prize and you will receive it at the time. Now you only have to use that balance you’ve got thanks to Gums Up to buy the best cards of Hearthstone, and soon you’re at the height of the best.

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Free gems “clash of clans”

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The years pass, but the “clash of clans” remains one of the games for mobiles and tablets that are most downloaded from the App Store and the Play Store. Great part of the success is must to has a mechanical of game very interesting, where the player must develop his village to grow and is capable of defend is of them attacks of others players, in addition to join you to clans for make is more strong in them different campaigns. In addition is a freemium game, free download and play but with some extra payment that can be played totally thanks to Gums Up.

Free gems “clash of clans”

And among those objects of payment are famous gems, as well as gold or the elixir. Everyone wants to know how to have infinite in “clash of clans” gems, since they are a useful resource. They help us to cut back on the time of construction of the improvements of the village or training of our troops, so this will evolve faster. You can get them in the game, but also it can buy. And if you don’t want to spend a penny in the game, you can always find free gems “clash of clans” for iPad, tablet, mobile, etc. thanks to Gums Up.

Free gems “clash of clans” hack

There who prefer to find the “clash of clans” hack PC infinity gems, but they do not know is that no hack gems “clash of clans” that works there is. They are all a scam. The protection of the system of the game is such that no one has managed to hack and get free gems “clash of clans”, what you download you will avail nothing. But don’t get discouraged, if you’re going to Play Store and get Gums Up you can get all the free gems “clash of clans” Android without hack that you want. And if you’re of iOS, Gums Up also is in the App Store.

Free gems “clash of clans” Android

Gums Up is totally free, and the goal is to get as much gums as you can to get the rewards offered by then. Among them are the gems of the “clash of clans”, but also money from PayPal, gift cards to the App Store or Google Play with which you can buy gems. And all without the need to hack “clash of clans” Android or iOS.

Win gums is very easy. Just login, go to win gums and choose how to do it. The easiest is to use applications that Gums Up offers you to try, including several games; but you can also do it watching videos or participating in a survey. Also, each friend to which invites to Gums Up will make that climb the number of gums of your account. Of all them tricks “clash of clans” 2015 Gums Up is the best to get gems free, and you save the disappointments of those hacks that not work.

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Free lives on Candy Crush

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Who not has played never Candy Crush? It is one of the most popular games that exist for mobile and tablets, downloads worldwide numbering in the millions and its creators have been quick to take advantage of the Candy Crush fever and launch similar games with a similar mechanism and seal Candy Crush as the best guarantee to ensure the quality players and hours of fun. The game is very simple, make combinations of candies and overcome levels, as at the best arcade of the ‘ 70s and ‘ 80s, free with Gums Up.

Candy Crush Infinite lives

In case outside little, get off the game is free. It is on any platform download, and you have five lives to go beyond screens. The problem arrives when you stay without lives, and have that wait 30 minutes to is recharge it first for to continue playing. If you have clear as overcome that level nothing happens, but the thing gets complicated when we are stuck on a level with a life every half hour is very complicated out of this maze. More if you have memory of fish and make the same mistake again and again.

Free lives

There are several solutions to get out of that situation. The easier – and less Honorable – is seeking help in internet and overcome the screen mimicking some gameplay. It would be like copying, it does not have any merit so we look for other alternatives. One of them is wait two hours and half that to recharge us five lives, impossible if you’re about to find the solution; and the last option would be to succumb to the wishes of the Candy Crush, pass us by your store and buy lives. Luckily, thanks to Gums Up you can get free lives to Candy Crush.

Micropayments in Candy Crush

Gums Up is an application that us pays by use it, and that it makes, among other options, through cards gift for the Play Store or the App Store, or money of PayPal. Sounds? Indeed, they are the usual methods when it comes to rushing the micropayments that include many apps, so thanks to these awards the Candy Crush lives will leave you free. Needless to say it, but Gums Up is available completely free for Android and iOS; and secure that you regret not having it downloaded.

Gems free candy crush

Register you and starts to get those gums that then change by them cards gift Google Play or App Store, or by the money from PayPal. For start to get them, ves to WINS gums and there is you will open a menu with all them options that have of get them: use and try them apps that us proposes it own Gums Up, participate in surveys, see videos and even by invite to your friends you’ll gums. You’ll soon have enough Candy Crush lives to finally overcome that screen causing so many headaches.

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Does money Paypal with your mobile

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The money from Paypal has a lot of utilities. You can transfer to your account without problems, also for your purchases online. By put an example, when acquired tickets of airplane, programs or games to our computer, in the stores on line or in platforms as Amazon or the application Store or Google Play by refer certain examples. As you see, the money of Paypal us offers a myriad of possibilities with Gums Up, more it best is that can achieve much money to Paypal from your mobile or your computer.

Get money Paypal with your mobile

Nor is it that you are going to get enough money to stop studying or working and dedicate yourself to live such incomes and as if he had touched you the lottery, more that to treat us sometimes to deal with unpredictable expenses either to put it in the piggy bank always and in all circumstances come to us well. That Yes, you should have in consideration that while is rija by them laws of them banks American Paypal not is a Bank so not achieve any profitability by much money that have in your has. More that you’ll make money Paypal on your mobile merced to Gums Up.

How to get PayPal money: Gums Up

If still not know Gums Up you explain that is an application well interesting that, by very rare that seems, us pays by using it. And without request us nothing to change. If not you it think, ves to it Google Play Store or the app Store and download you it. It is fully free of charge, and once you’ve registered that is an essential step for Paypal money – is the time to put into action and start earning gums, points which we then barter for the money from Paypal – or even the reward of Gums Up that you prefer.

For that, you should go to win gums, and us will be shown a menu with all and each one of the options that we have to win the known gums. Among them stands out using other applications, but also you can respond to surveys or you can watch videos. Beside each action are going to have a brief explanation with what you must do to achieve those gums. What not accurate description is invite to a friend: by each one of them that comes to Gums Up you are going to carry five hundred gums of gift. Finally, see the gifts section and change the gums by money from Paypal.

Why Gums Up?

The reply is easy: by the made of that is the best application for make money from Paypal. When ask for the payment it are going to receive to the moment, by tiny that is. Certain applications or pages for get money Paypal us demand achieve minimum in sometimes exorbitant to send us the payment, or must wait some hours to perceive the money. With Gums Up not going to pass that: you will receive money only request it, gives the same if it is Sunday afternoon, Thursday at noon or even four o’clock in the morning.

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Prepaid cards Online

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The philosophy of low cost it came also to the world of mobile telephony, and are increasingly the Spaniards who leave contracts with the telephone company that were practically all his life, and switched to prepaid cards. Companies offering cheap prepaid cards have appeared, not going to cost you too much in order to find the best prepaid no minimum consumption, another aspect that less pleasing to users. Why pay for something that we did not consume? With Gums Up is possible.

Cheap prepaid cards

Spain’s most affordable prepaid cards revolution is not unique to the field of telephone companies. It is increasingly common to find in stores at great cost prepaid cards, ideal for example for when you don’t have much time to decide what to give or are tired of shift, for a gift. I’m definitely an original present and the Grand donjon clothing stores on the planet in the games or technology products have a large catalog of prepaid cards at our disposition.

WOW prepaid cards at affordable prices

Many games have been found in prepaid cards, a coral reef to increase profits at the same time offering its players an alternative to payment of credit or debit card, given that they can acquire the physical premises as well as online stores. To serve us as an example, the willingness of players ‘ World of Warcraft ‘ find 30 days, 60 days or WOW prepaid cards and 90 days. With them are going to be able to continue your adventure in the game for 2 or 3 months on one console, too. And if you want to get a prepaid card WOW without cost-or for any other game. -Yes you need to download the gums Up.

Prepaid cards Online

Cheap prepaid cards Spain

Gums Up is an application that, in contrast to the frequent, paid for its use. Serving to us as an example, you will be able to take money from Paypal to buy prepaid cards for WOW, but also cards for Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, steam is gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, Google Play … Cards come out, come out completely for free, but to get these cards or Paypal money even before you have to reach each and every one of the gums that can. We didn’t say yes, most gums Up is absolutely free and is free for Android and iOS. Register-Ray treatment to begin reaching the gums and being using applications such as offering is a comparative prepaid rates, comparison of insurance or games; Watch videos, participating in surveys offering or invite your friends to join the Cosmos gums Up. After the action which you will receive each and every one of the gums that are touching, and only you will have to swap them to take prepaid cards.

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How to achieve gems of Clash Royale

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Clash of clans has returned with more force than ever. Or better said, its characters. After assisting us to our village thrive and become a reference and a formidable opponent, now we find ourselves in the Clash Royale, the new game for mobile phones and tablets of Supercell with which we enjoy our favorite characters. Yes, the game is completely different to the precedent since Clash Royale is a game of combat of letters. This yes, the gems are again the best tool for progress in the game.

How to achieve gems of Clash Royale

After each battle you are going to receive some chests, win or lose. As is logical, you are going to receive more chests – or more value – if you win, even more the defeats have prize, a good way to continue flourishing in the Clash Royal. However, we will have to wait a few hours to open the hood and know what they hide… unless we spend the gems that we have to open it already before. In the best chests there are also gems, apart from new letters or characters; more on many occasions to use in this way the gems we are going to prevent have gems to acquire new chests.

Clash Royale: The coffers

as the sand, the hood is going to be better or worse. In the 1, two and three have a safer, more epic letter under advance there are more likely to have 2 cards epic. The same happens to the arenas four, five, six and seven where there are 2 letters epic; but the odds of a third van of the thirty percent in the five to eighty percent in the seven. Also every four hours you are going to receive a chest without cost and in the store always and in all circumstances you can purchase. Have to wait three to twelve hours to open, except that use some gems that, through Gums Up you will be able to achieve without cost.

Gems Clash Royale free

If you still do not know Gums Up you have to know that it is an application that we pay for use, be it in money from Paypal or gift cards as the of the Application Store or the Google Play Store. With all these awards you can achieve gems without cost to Clash Royale, and the best thing is that you can download Gums Up absolutely no cost for your mobile phone or tablet, both in Android as in iOS. Once you have downloaded just register – in 2 minutes you’ve done – and start earning gums, the points that then exchange for prizes.

Clash royale cheats

Gums Up is very simple to use, so much so that if you are going to win gums you will to open a menu with all and each one of the options to begin to add points, if you go to gifts a menu will be displayed with each and every one of the prizes between those who can choose your reward and invites a friend you can invite a friend and you are going to carry five hundred gums gift. Uses the applications that presents us with Gums Up, watch videos or respond to the surveys and soon you are going to be gaining gems and opening chests without stopping in Clash Royale.


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