How to achieve gems of Clash Royale

Clash of clans has returned with more force than ever. Or better said, its characters. After assisting us to our village thrive and become a reference and a formidable opponent, now we find ourselves in the Clash Royale, the new game for mobile phones and tablets of Supercell with which we enjoy our favorite characters. Yes, the game is completely different to the precedent since Clash Royale is a game of combat of letters. This yes, the gems are again the best tool for progress in the game.

How to achieve gems of Clash Royale

After each battle you are going to receive some chests, win or lose. As is logical, you are going to receive more chests – or more value – if you win, even more the defeats have prize, a good way to continue flourishing in the Clash Royal. However, we will have to wait a few hours to open the hood and know what they hide… unless we spend the gems that we have to open it already before. In the best chests there are also gems, apart from new letters or characters; more on many occasions to use in this way the gems we are going to prevent have gems to acquire new chests.

Clash Royale: The coffers

as the sand, the hood is going to be better or worse. In the 1, two and three have a safer, more epic letter under advance there are more likely to have 2 cards epic. The same happens to the arenas four, five, six and seven where there are 2 letters epic; but the odds of a third van of the thirty percent in the five to eighty percent in the seven. Also every four hours you are going to receive a chest without cost and in the store always and in all circumstances you can purchase. Have to wait three to twelve hours to open, except that use some gems that, through Gums Up you will be able to achieve without cost.

Gems Clash Royale free

If you still do not know Gums Up you have to know that it is an application that we pay for use, be it in money from Paypal or gift cards as the of the Application Store or the Google Play Store. With all these awards you can achieve gems without cost to Clash Royale, and the best thing is that you can download Gums Up absolutely no cost for your mobile phone or tablet, both in Android as in iOS. Once you have downloaded just register – in 2 minutes you’ve done – and start earning gums, the points that then exchange for prizes.

Clash royale cheats

Gums Up is very simple to use, so much so that if you are going to win gums you will to open a menu with all and each one of the options to begin to add points, if you go to gifts a menu will be displayed with each and every one of the prizes between those who can choose your reward and invites a friend you can invite a friend and you are going to carry five hundred gums gift. Uses the applications that presents us with Gums Up, watch videos or respond to the surveys and soon you are going to be gaining gems and opening chests without stopping in Clash Royale.


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