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Just a few years ago it was released Grand Theft Auto V, the fifth installment in a franchise that has made us hours and hours of authentic vicio. Introducing and standardizing the sandbox genre, GTA has been by same result of rave reviews and heated controversy. With the arrival of the fifth part of the saga, we recover the Rockstar North video game tribute. GTA V promises to be the largest of all the GrandTheft Auto game and that is to say much because the franchise is full of classics.


Rockstar North, based in Scotland, and under the name of DMA Design in its early days, began a series of action, persecutions, and crime in general, which had some success in 1997. But GTA III where actually succeeded and established the basesof all Grand Theft Auto was later. Let’s review the history of the sandbox by excellence.


Grand Theft Auto (PC, PSX, GameBoy Color)
In 1996 DMA Design launched to the market a controversial action game where weset off on the skin of any of the eight eligible characters, and where in addition tomissions for the mafia, we could do almost any task that the game would allow. Thus acts as stealing cars, selling them, or kill people, became the title source of all sorts of disputes.


Game was originally an overhead 2D that perspective even though it was not themost revolutionary graphics of the time, if it was a success by the freedom of action that offered and no-holds-barred action. Due to the success, in 1999 the game had two official expansions, Grand Theft Auto London 1969 and Grand Theft Auto London 1961, the latter only on PC.


Grand Theft Auto II (PSX, PC, Dreamcast, Game Boy Color)
Just two years after the release of GTA, DMA Design came back again with a gamethat, with the premises of the first, introducing new features in the series playable.The main one was the division of the city into three explorable areas where we should get enough money by carrying out missions for the mafia to move to the nextarea and continue with our misdeeds. In addition, already had no choice of severalplayers, presenting a unique protagonist, Claude, also protagonist of GTA III and secondary character of GTA: San Andreas.


Perspective in 2D is not abandoned, but history had more significance here, and as mentioned, typical elements of the series introduced in subsequent deliveries.


Grand Theft Auto III (PlayStation 2, PC, Xbox, Mac, iOS, Android)
As temporary exclusive to the recent PlayStation 2, left in 2001 and still under the name of DMA Design (which later became Rockstar North) the installment of the series that I am more inspired to the essence of what is today Grand Theft Auto. Namely, only protagonist, enormous city to explore, perspective 3D, history structure by missions and freedom of action including for stealing, murder or multiple secondary tasks.


In the game he plays Claude, his climbing in the world of the mafia through a storywhere the city of Liberty City (New York) will show us the worst face of organized crime. While the game still lacked huge liberties and secondary tasks that were typical in the saga from the output of GTA: San Andreas, is in essence a game very similar in aesthetics to GTA IV and was for a long time one of the emblems of PlayStation 2. Its prequel was released for PSP in 2005, graduated GTA: Liberty City Stories.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PlayStation 2, PC, Xbox, Mac, iOS, Android)
In 2002 already launched under the baton of Rockstar North, it took advantage ofthe success of the third part, changing character and city, maintaining each and every one of the elements of the third installment of the series. Set in Miami and withItalian actor in a clear reference to the film of Al Pacino, the price of power, the action moved to a city more sunny and warmer.


There are some that further improvement on its predecessor, such as the ability tobuy houses or side jobs to earn money. It also highlights the excellent soundtrack,which pays homage to the Decade of the eighties as a few titles. The game received a sort of continuation to mode of prequel and the same style for PSP, entitled GTA: Vice City Stories, and launched in 2006 (later versioned for PS2).


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PlayStation 2, PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, Mac and PlayStation 3). Here you can check tricks and hacks for Grand theft auto San Andreas. This saga of the game starts the version online in the saga of rockstar, his histroy is about C.J one guy from Los Santos, and how it goes his life in the game.

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