Free lives on Candy Crush

Who not has played never Candy Crush? It is one of the most popular games that exist for mobile and tablets, downloads worldwide numbering in the millions and its creators have been quick to take advantage of the Candy Crush fever and launch similar games with a similar mechanism and seal Candy Crush as the best guarantee to ensure the quality players and hours of fun. The game is very simple, make combinations of candies and overcome levels, as at the best arcade of the ‘ 70s and ‘ 80s, free with Gums Up.

Candy Crush Infinite lives

In case outside little, get off the game is free. It is on any platform download, and you have five lives to go beyond screens. The problem arrives when you stay without lives and have that wait 30 minutes to recharge it first to continue playing. If you have clear as overcome that level nothing happens, but the thing gets complicated when we are stuck on a level with a life every half hour is very complicated out of this maze. More if you have memory of fish and make the same mistake again and again.

Free lives

There are several solutions to get out of that situation. The easier – and less Honorable – is seeking help in internet and overcome the screen mimicking some gameplay. It would be like copying, it does not have any merit so we look for other alternatives. One of them is wait two hours and half that to recharge us five lives, impossible if you’re about to find the solution; and the last option would be to succumb to the wishes of the Candy Crush, pass us by your store and buy lives. Luckily, thanks to Gums Up you can get free lives to Candy Crush.

Micropayments in Candy Crush

Gums Up is an application that us pays by use it, and that it makes, among other options, through cards gift for the Play Store or the App Store, or money of PayPal. Sounds? Indeed, they are the usual methods when it comes to rushing the micropayments that include many apps, so thanks to these awards the Candy Crush lives will leave you free. Needless to say it, but Gums Up is available completely free for Android and iOS; and secure that you regret not having it downloaded.

Gems free candy crush

Register you and starts to get those gums that then change by them cards gift Google Play or App Store, or by the money from PayPal. For start to get them, ves to WINS gums and there is you will open a menu with all them options that have of get them: use and try them apps that us proposes it own Gums Up, participate in surveys, see videos and even by invite to your friends you’ll gums. You’ll soon have enough Candy Crush lives to finally overcome that screen causing so many headaches.

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