5 tips for Monster Legends

Monster Legends, the last title from the creators of DragonCity, heads the ranking this week with the latest news in our list of most downloaded games from the App Store, where we also find the latest release of chilling (Figthback), along with new games racing (Big Win Racing) and shooters (Respawnables and Cops N Robbers).
The new game from the Studio behind DragonCity, brings us a new title between games of combat, strategy and simulation Farmvillestyle: we have to discover new species of monsters and cross them, to form powerful Warriors that then we will face other players in 3 battles against 3 to try to snatch their resources. Check Gums up for the latest news of Monster Legends.
New title of chilling, in the style of the action games of the classic arcade, whose aesthetic imitated, although keeping the graphic level of nextgeneration games. Hours of entertainment smashing right and left, with more than 100 levels in the way history more an “endless” mode. A new driving simulator, inspired the careers of Nascar, where the graphic quality passes into the background to the gameplay, with up to five different game modes: Championship (composed of four cups), friends (challenges through facebook), meetings (races with time limits), trophy (by choosing us circuit and the number of races) and quick (to train) race. It is not a recent debut, since Zynga released Respawnables for quite some time. However, while Android Yes had appeared at the time among the most downloaded news, only now it has erupted between the App Store. It is a third person shooter, with a long single player campaign and multiplayer, and an appealing touch of humor.
A first person shooter with aesthetics to the Minecraft style which has already reaped a good number of downloads as payment and can now, for a limited time, get free. It not only has a multiplayer mode to deal with users all over the world, but also a way to ‘local’ mulijugador through Wi-Fi that allows up to 16 users compete.

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